Gaia3D will be closed from Jan 11 to Jan 15 for workshop.

Dear, Gaia3D will be closed this Friday and next Monday for global workshop. Gaia3D’s official global workshop will be held at Phuket, Thailand between January 11th and January 15th. (Yes,.

Gaia3D became a world-wide reseller for 3D Suite of 3D Labs.

Dear, Gaia3D officially became a world-wide reseller of 3D Suite by 3D Labs( on October 1, 2012. 3D Suite is a stand-alone software based on latest techniques of sensor modeling,.

OpenGeo Suite 3.0 released.

(Excerpt from OpenGeo’s release notice) OpenGeo( announced the release of OpenGeo Suite 3.0, a major step forward for commercial open source geospatial software in October 04, 2012. OpenGeo Suite 3.0.

Gaia3D exhibited at the InterGeo.

Dear All, Gaia3D exhibited at InterGeo at Hannover in Germany between 9th October and 11th October, 2013. InterGeo( is one of the world biggest commercial exhibition event held every year.

Gaia3D exhibited at AGF(Asian Geospatial Forum)

Dear All, Gaia3D exhibited at Asian Geospatial Forum at Hanoi in Vietnam between 17th, September and 19th, September, 2013. AGF is one of the biggest geospatial event in Asia and.

Gaia3D, Inc., became a commercial supporter of QGIS.

Dear All, Gaia3D officially became a commercial support of QGIS(Quantum GIS, on September 17th. It finally makes Gaia3D to position a professional open source GIS company providing GIS products.

Gaia3D exhibited at WMO-CBS

Dear All, Gaia3D exhibited at WMO-CBS at Jakarta in Indonesia between 10th, September and 12th, September. WMO-CBS is a global conference that meteorological organizations from all over the world get.

Gaia3D exhibited at ISPRS.

Dear All, Gaia3D attended ISPRS(International Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, at Melbourne between 26th, August and 31st, August as an exhibitor. The only Korean company who exhibited at.

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