3DSuite® 1.2 is newly released.

Dear All,

3DSuite® 1.2 is newly released. 3DSuite® is DEM generating standalone software developed by 3D Labs(http://3dlabs.co.kr/index.php).

The core technology of 3DSuite® is based on sensor modeling, ortho-rectification and DEM generation from various remote sensing images. 3DSuite® offers automated generation of high quality geographical products at a fast speed.

3DSuite® generates DEM from Satellite Images or UAV images and it provides extremely high quality of DEMs.

Gaia3D is a Worldwide Reseller of 3DSuite®.

For more information or product inquiry: info@gaia3d.com

Product Details(Video, Manuals, Demo Version): http://www.gaia3d.com/en/?work=3dsuite

Thank you very much!

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