mago3D will be presented at FOSS4G Boston and FOSS4G Europe

Gaia3D is very pleased to announce that our talks on mago3D has been selected by both FOSS4G Boston and FOSS4G Europe program committee. mago3D is a next level live 3D geo-platform that could integrate AEC(Architecture, Engineering, Construction) and 3D GIS on web browser. Also mago3D enables seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space. mago3D is pure open source solution based on Cesium or World Wind, so users don’t need to install any additional plugin to explore 3D objects. Theoretically mago3D can render and visualize unlimited size of 3D objects in a single web browser. You will hear much about mago3D at FOSS4G Boston and FOSS4G Europe.

Thank you.
Gaia3D, Inc.

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