Gaia3D supported QGIS as a bronze level.

Hello, Gaia3D has passion for Open Source and Open Source GIS as a leading Open Source GIS company in South Korea. Gaia3D has been listed as an official commercial supporting.

3DSuite® 1.2 is newly released.

Dear All, 3DSuite® 1.2 is newly released. 3DSuite® is DEM generating standalone software developed by 3D Labs( The core technology of 3DSuite® is based on sensor modeling, ortho-rectification and DEM.

Open Source GIS lecture in Chonnam National University

Hello All, Happy Lunar New Year! Last Monday, Heegu Park gave a Open Source GIS lecture to students in Chonnam National University. Audience showed lots of interests and passion toward.

CEO of Gaia3D delivered a presentation at Korea Spatial Information Society 2015 Workshop.

Dear All, CEO of Gaia3D – Sanghee Shin – delivered a presentation about Globalization of Geospatial Business in South Korea throughout FOSS4G Seoul 2015 international conference at Korea Spatial Information.

Gaia3D sponsors FOSS4G Seoul 2015 as a gold level sponsor.

Dear All, Gaia3D made a decision to sponsor FOSS4G Seoul 2015 held in September 2015 as a gold level sponsor. Throughout this event, Open Source GIS business in South Korea.

Presentation about KAOS-G at FOSS4G Asia 2014

Dear All Heegu Park at Gaia3D delivered a presentation about KAOS-G(Korean Alliance of Open Source GIS) backgrounds and activities at FOSS4G Asia 2014( Audience paid much attention to the presentation.

Gaia3D is on Boundlessgeo’s blog!

Dear All, Gaia3D Inc is introduced on the Opensourece GIS global leader – Boundlessgeo’s blog. Gaia3D is the only Value Added Reseller of OpenGeo Suite – the Opensource GIS packaged.

제1회 공간정보 오픈플랫폼 활용을 위한 개발실무자 세미나 참석

안녕하세요 가이아쓰리디(주)입니다. 11월 7일 양재동 엘타워에서 공간정보산업진흥원(주최로 개최된 제 1회 공간정보 오픈플랫폼 활용을 위한 개발실무자 세미나에서 가이아쓰리디(주)의 김승엽 차장께서 오픈소스GIS에 대해 발표를 하였습니다. 브이월드(에서도 오픈소스GIS를 사용하고 있고, 더욱 많이 사용하게.

제 3회 공간정보 기술 컨퍼런스 참석

안녕하세요 가이아쓰리디(주)입니다. 지난 11월 5일 수요일에 LX지적공사 본사(전주)에서 제 3회 공간정보 기술 컨퍼런스가 개최되었습니다. 본 컨퍼런스는 국토공간정보 발전을 위한 공감대 형성과 산·학·연·관의 상생 및 동반성장을 위한 컨퍼런스로서 가이아쓰리디(주)의 박노준 이사께서.

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