MIP 3.0

MIP(Multiple Image Provider) is an integrated solution package to process big size of geographical image data and consists of an image server, exclusive authorizing tool and web client to serve TB-scale mass geospatial imagery information.

  • Easily Combines with vector data(ArcIMS, MapServer, …)
  • Real-time Web service with a large geographic photos
  • MIP Supports international GIS standard; WMS and ArcIMS
  • Supports WMS and TMS of OGC’s standard image service
  • MIP supports various compression codecs.
  • Powerful Image Compression Ratio
  • Creates compressed files using TB+ aerial photographs or satellite images
    Developed National Aerial Photographs Service System with over 6TB data (First in South Korea) – http://aerophoto.kfri.go.kr
  • Multiple Image Layers