OpenGeo Suite

The OpenGeo Suite is a fully-integrated open source geospatial platform for serving maps and data through web applications, mobile devices, and desktop clients.

Gaia3D, Inc is Value Added Reseller of OpenGeo Suite.

  • Open your data: to provide standards-based and developer-friendly access to geospatial information stored in existing databases and files.
  • Publish your data on the web: no matter how large your database or the number of users you must support.
  • Integrate with proprietary software: like Google Maps, Google Earth, ArcGIS, and other web-based geospatial platforms.
  • Support existing infrastructure: by plugging to individual components to modernize and extend the life of current solutions.
  • A single package: that integrates powerful, diverse open source components into an easy-to-use, vendorsupported enterprise application.